About SaniFilm

What is SaniFilm?

SaniFilm is the first antibacterial screen protector film on the market. Our unique silicon and zinc nano compound kills bacteria as soon as they come in contact with the film. Furthermore, our film can be disinfected using medical grade cleaners. The nano compound is non-toxic (tested on human skin) and has a long acting ability of killing bacteria.

Why do you need SaniFilm?

Touch screen devices are a part of everyday life and are often being share-used. This raises the risk of infection significantly. SaniFilm screen protector is designed to kill bacteria effectively and reduce the risk of infection. This is why SaniFilm is a must-have product for all places where touch screen devices are being shared, medical environments especially. No wonder one of the Netherlands largest hospitals is using our product!

How does SaniFilm work?

A bacteria cell wall is usually negatively charged. When the bacteria touches the positively charged zinc ion (of the nano compound), it will generate an uneven tension and break the cell wall of the bacteria. Once the zinc ion is connected to the bacteria, it causes protein deterioration and the bacteria will die.


Everywhere where touchscreens are being used

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Step 1

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  1. Clean the screen with the enclosed wiping cloth.

  2. Use the scotch tape to remove any remaining dust.

  3. Pull up ‘step 1’ for about an inch.

  4. Align the film with the screen and gently press it down.

  5. Use the enclosed wiping cloth to squeeze air bubbles outward.

  6. Slowly peel off the layer marked 'Step 2'.

  7. ...done!


SaniFilm launch a huge success!

A few weeks ago Erasmus Medisch Centrum was announced to be the first hospital in the world to apply anti-bacterial screen protector on their touchscreens! This news has not gone unnoticed. SaniFilm Anti-bacterial Screen Protectors’ launch received a lot of attention from the media. All the leading national newspapers published articles about SaniFilm and on Social Media the news is still spreading!

Due to all this attention is distributor Formex Medical now speaking to several important parties. But there is more! Two prominent hospitals in The Netherlands will soon follow the example set by Erasmus Medisch Centrum and apply SaniFilm on their touchscreens. Of course they agree on the importance of hygiene, but they are also very enthusiastic about the crystal clear quality of SaniFilm. The anti-glare capacities of SaniFilm are unmatched by other regular screen protectors. Furthermore, SaniFilm offers the user with progressive lenses the maximum possible vision range and the greatest instantaneous vision comfort. These specific qualities were also of crucial importance to Erasmus Medisch Centrum. SaniFilm Screen Protector provides not only the best anti-bacterial protection but also crystal clear quality, user-friendliness and protection against any form of damage.

Being the first SaniFilm distributor in The Netherlands makes Formex Medical very proud to introduce this beautiful and revolutionary product to a wide audience at the Zorg & ICT Business Exhibition, from March 18th until March 20th.